12 Again

Cover of "12 Again" (paperback) by Sue CorbettIn this riveting novel, Bernadette McBride makes a wish she never expects to have granted—to be young again. When she awakens — transformed into a twelve-year-old-on what should be the morning of her fortieth birthday, she is at first jubilant, then quickly realizes how complex life has suddenly become. She enrolls in her son’s seventh-grade computer class in hopes of enlisting his help, but it’s not that easy…

Patrick McBride is twelve when his mother vanishes. Weeks go by, and his family assumes the worst, but Patrick is certain that Bernadette will try to contact him. When he receives her mysterious and untraceable e-mail, sending him off on a dangerous errand, he realizes that her rescue is completely in his hands.

Sue Corbett’s story—told from Bernadette’s and Patrick’s alternating points of view—is an extraordinary and utterly believable alchemy of elements. Resurrected spirits, fairy charms, Irish folklore, and a compelling mother-son relationship make this an unforgettable debut novel.

Winner of the 2006 California Young Reader Medal
International Reading Association Honor Book

Hardcover: Dutton, 2002
ISBN 0-525-46899-4
Paperback: Puffin, 2007
ISBN 978-0-1424-0729-5